We Don’t Need Counseling, We Need TRUTH!

Satan may tempt some to become uncomfortable or viamently disagree (no one can make you agree with The Truth). I pray you are teachable and go straight to God’s Word for wisdom! 

I no longer trust man nor do I put any of my emotional eggs in that basket. I will obey Abba-Yahweh, through His Word. 

My history is full of accepting and then, following the lies of Satan, concerning mental illness, psychiatrists, labels and self in the form of “counseling.” 

And currently Satan is trying to deceive our daughter (in an attempt to perpetuate the lie that has come through generations). I’ve had to spend a lot of time in the hospital and counseling center, over the last couple months (Because she refuses to receive God’s truth).

The only way we will truly become free (the way God’s Living Word speaks of) is for us to invite Holy Spirit to renew our minds through authentic surrender and intimacy with Him through studying His Living Word simply to get to know Him! 

I will not apologize for God’s Truth! I will continue to strive towards only speaking what Abba-Yahweh speaks. I will continue to strive towards doing only what Abba-Yahweh does! 

I pray this understanding sets you free!



About Erin Marie

God's girl. Wife. Mother. Zebra - rare illness warrior.
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2 Responses to We Don’t Need Counseling, We Need TRUTH!

  1. fredwrites says:

    A spiritual mentor is preferred over a psychological specialist.

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    • Erin Marie says:

      And when that cannot be found, we rely on God’s Word alone… regardless. Satan is who lies to us saying, “That’s too hard. That’s not possible.” But we choose to believe it. I speak from much experience on that matter. Praise Abba-Yahweh it is my past and no longer my present or future!😂🙏✝️🙌❤️


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