Why You Should Let Your Kids Be Bored

January 16, 2017

Anastacia Safee

It is a happy talent to know how to play. Ralph Waldo Emerson knew a thing or two didn’t he? In the 1800s and even 1900s, kids knew how to play. They would run out the door in the morning after breakfast, run home for a quick lunch and head right back out until the fireflies signaled that it was time to head back home for bed.

Kids wore themselves running all over the neighborhood playing.

In those last few days of summer vacation, when it seemed that there’s nothing left to do kids sit there bored. But not for long. Why? Because they were creative enough to come up with a new idea to work on, a new game to try out. Boredom didn’t last for long but it taught them how to think outside the box for something else to do.

This is a lost art today in America.

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