Why We Don’t Celebrate Halloween.

Written by Anastasia Safee

October 23, 2015

“Today I asked my husband, Daniel, to weigh in on the upcoming holiday, Halloween. I thought that he would be best to tackle this controversial subject.

Find out why we chose not to participate in Halloween.

We don’t celebrate Halloween. Instead, we prefer to turn off the lights and sit in the basement all evening so we can pretend nobody is knocking on our door asking for candy.

Okay, we don’t do that either.

Christians have heard just about every point of view on Halloween that could possible be had at this point. I can think of preachers who advocate having nothing to do with Halloween and to teach our kids that it’s a wicked celebration of the devil and satanic practices (it is, but you’ll see that’s not the point).  These are the kinds of churches where the members steer clear of the candy corn at the grocery store “just to be safe”.

Then there is the Christian liberty viewpoint. Why should we be afraid of a couple of kids dressed up as witches? Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world, right? They will say, “I’m not going to deprive my kids of harmless fun and send the signal that being a Christian is all about NOT enjoying life…” I’ve heard similar arguments in favor of Christian rock and similar movements.

In order to reach people, you have to be in the world, but not of it; this is the Christian liberty argument, (although I might argue that it is difficult to get someone out of quicksand when you’re sitting in it right next to them). However, it is hard to figure out what might be Biblically incorrect about dressing up as a fireman and knocking on a strangers door asking for candy. You’re not exactly condoning witchcraft by participating in this fashion, and you can show your neighbors that Christians can have clean fun even if others take it too far.

Not to be outdone, the last stereotype is the moderate, try-to-please-everybody approach. You can find these Christian homes adorned with beautiful (but generic) “fall harvest” paraphernalia. The porch light is shining bright on 10/31 ready to welcome dozens of trick-or-treaters with carefully prepared plastic baggies carrying a chick tract and one individually wrapped Reese’s peanut butter cup. These well meaning people “participate” and try to do so in a way that evangelizes others and hopefully leads somebody towards Christ.

Please forgive my hyperbole in these examples. I should point out that I didn’t say any of these approaches were necessarily wrong.

Maybe you found yourself in one of these common approaches to Halloween. Maybe you just haven’t thought about in a serious way.

Why we don't celebrate Halloween.

I think most Christians find something vaguely uncomfortable about the idea of Halloween. Yet with limited information, and little thought or prayer, we end up taking the path of least resistance and then rationalizing our decision afterwards. Usually this means conforming to the social pressure of your friends or the culture at your church.  This also makes it hard to change your mind once you have established your typical behavior on Halloween.

Now whatever your position is on Halloween, I don’t want you to mistake the point of this post. The Bible doesn’t have a cut and dried “thou shalt” in response to Halloween. Yes there are Bible principles involved and we will look at them, but I’ve noticed that many good people who love the Lord can argue solid points on both sides of the issue. Where then does the truth lie?” Click here to read the rest of her post! 


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