Satan is OUR real enemy!

​I bought these from Hobby Lobby about 4 or so years ago after a women’s retreat that explained how Daddy God sees us (men AND women). I have kept them around to remind me. After yet another move…I dug them out of a box. And took a picture of them, after setting up my last set on my daughter’s dresser (while she was in school)…who is currently 13, struggling emotionally, dealing with gossip and broken trust of multiple close friends. She needs a visible and physical reminder when she wakes up and goes to bed. 
I took the picture so that I could continue to be reminded also. So this is my wallpaper on my phone now (since it is no longer on my night stand). 

Hi, Love. Have you gone through some painful things that continue to threaten the way you view you self worth…the way you see yourself…the way you think Daddy God sees you? I know how hard and exhausting it is to feel like you have tied another knot at the end of your rope…thinking…how many times?! 

I CANNOT do this…again! I CANNOT try…again! God…I have NOTHING LEFT!

Let me be your reminder…as this was for me, years ago. 

You are not forgotten! You are not invisible! You are not too much! 

You are not a burden! You ARE CONSTANTLY on The Creator of the universe’s mind! His thoughts toward you are as numerous as the grains of sand are in the ocean! You are seen by The Creator! He knows every intimate detail that everyone else seems to forget so easily. He understands you completely! 

YOU are a blessing! He delights over YOU with singing! Precious one, YOU are His most precious and wondrous jewel! He smiles when YOUR name is spoken and thought of! He gasps in pure joy, when He hears the sound of YOUR voice calling out His name!

Satan is our enemy! He is a LIAR. 

His day is coming. Our Father will NOT abandon us! Even if it seems as though everyone has and there is no hope. He sees YOU!


About Erin Marie

God's girl. Wife. Mother. Zebra - rare illness warrior.
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2 Responses to Satan is OUR real enemy!

  1. Good message, Erin. I needed to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and him singing over me.

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