I was struggling today. I had a good, deep…real conversation with a loved one. I was needing the true meaning of community (as God designed it). It was so helpful. I needed to release…while being fully heard…while still being reminded God is still present in my life (in my current momentary state of weakness).

After the call…I felt Daddy – God drawing me back to His word, again.

Some days are like that. We can believe Him, trust Him, constantly go to Him and communicate with Him throughout our day…have our quiet time with Him and even read a full chapter in His living words. But it doesn’t mean the enemy won’t come after our steadfastness…again.

So I was lead to refocus, again, tonight. I read some scripture and a devotion. It was clearly The Father gently comforting me by His Spirit and gently guiding my spiritual eyes back on Him.

Beloved, our heavenly Father may not choose to give us the answer or the provision to carry out the solution to our problem in our time frame or at all.

But it does not have any indication of the level or kind of perfect, unconditional love and care He has for us, during these difficult, painful…sometimes agonizing times of waiting! He hurts when we hurt.

He is close to us, when our heart/mind and body is broken! But He is much more aware of the glory that awaits us in surrendering and the spiritual/emotional freedom that follows (than we will ever be on this side of heaven)!

I hope it ministers to you, as it did me. 🙂

I apologize. The author of this devotion was not listed. I could not give credit where it was due. If you know who wrote this, please private message me and let me know. I copied it from the YouVersion Bible app.

“The truth is, redemption has been misunderstood.

Modern Christianity has defined it this way:

Redemption (rĭ-dĕmp′shən) n. – A state of existence where The Faithful to God receive what they expect to receive out of life (and out of God), and what ails them is converted into something fresh and new. (Getting the desires of one’s heart.)

When this definition of redemption is the hallmark of our faith, it creates a real problem for us and for others. It becomes difficult to approach God outside the context of getting what we want, which leads to either disillusionment with God or a tremendously petty and shallow faith experience. When God doesn’t wipe the slate clean for us, or a problem lingers for too long…we begin writing our own version of Christianity, pretending that solutions are simple, black and white…or based on our good works and faithful prayers –  rather than on God’s grace.

To others, this dumbing down of our faith is either an overexposed snapshot of God that is too much of a good thing, or an underdeveloped Polaroid that doesn’t look a thing like him. And it is one of the main reasons Christians come across as out of touch, irrelevant, or even cruel to the rest of the world.

We might not be able to fully admit it yet, but deep down many of us believe that God owes us. We think that because we are chosen – God should deliver. As children, many of us memorized verses like Psalms 37:5, “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” But when things didn’t come to pass we felt tricked. To us, his promise of redemption, to give us a good life, was a transacted agreement with his signature on the dotted line, and he either needed to pay up or be sent to collections.

We think of the word “redeemed” and imagine the removal of pain. We see something broken in our lives or in the lives of others and imagine it getting fixed within a certain time frame. “Dear God, please take this away…or that away…help me do this…or stop doing that…please make this or that happen for me, us, them.”

But things do not always work out, do they? In fact, incredibly important things do not always work out. People get cancer or give birth to babies with two kinds of genitalia; they put a bullet in their head when they can no longer see themselves in this world, or they unknowingly stumble upon an addiction and the best years of their life are rung out like a washrag.

And so it seems that the very word “redeemed” needs its own personal redemption.

But as we read in Titus 2:14, we are looking for that blessed hope – the glorious appearing of a God who can purify and redeem us. But we will not always understand his redemption. Sometimes it is healing a wound, while at other times, it is healing our hearts. Either way, our God is with us, and we will find him in the ruins.

“He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins.” Ephesians 1:7 NLT

“Commit everything you do to the Lord . Trust him, and he will help you.” Psalms 37:5 NLT

“He gave his life to free us from every kind of sin, to cleanse us, and to make us his very own people, totally committed to doing good deeds.” Titus 2:14 NLT

Fix your eyes…on The Miracle Maker and surrender to His will…in whatever manner…that miracle is destined to come.

🌷Erin Marie


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God's girl. Wife. Mother. Zebra - rare illness warrior.
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