Fries and Pickles.

This was originally written and posted, else where.

I decided to share it with you all, today.


Erin McDowell

“God designed us … as man and as woman … completely different!

But part of His design , I believe, is this …

In that difference … He still has a plan.

And in that difference … we can compliment each other!

Not complete each other! That place is only for God, the lover of your soul/spirit! Only HE can complete you!

But we can compliment and build up each other … in Daddy – God’s First ministry.


When I am acutely … aware of this … and Satan is trying to use those empasses I see them as (in marriage/parenting)…

God is calling me to that quiet place…to lay it all down … and still seek Him!

While processing this tonight …

The Holy Spirit reminded me of this memory/mental image …

Lil’ Teddy. 2 or so years old. Fast food restaurant. He had to have both hands holding a french fry. I tried to take one…knowing he needed to let 1 go…to help himself. To give him peace (trying to fit both fists in his mouth … at the same time). But he didn’t TRUST me. So he clenched both harder. Making a … mess!

I am … in this current struggle.

That toddler.

Not trusting my Daddy-God.

I am clenching both.

While he is saying…lay this down for now…

SO THAT you can come to ME. ❤


Listen to this song. ♡


About Erin Marie

God's girl. Wife. Mother. Zebra - rare illness warrior.
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