Missing Posts – Found!

~ Hello My Beloveds! ~`

I started noticing that a large number of posts I had written and published on my blog…were not showing up (in the list of previous posts) when I am in the “dashboard” section of my web site.

I, finally, had time to investigate further into this disturbing problem!

Over a dozen of my posts where not where they were instructed to be sent. Goodness! :p

Well! That explains some things. Ha! Ha! :))

Praise goes to Daddy – God for helping me find and resolve the rather – big problem! ❤

So, I am publishing this one, to let all of my readers know that there are a large number of posts (definitely some good ones – in my opinion) from last year…that you may have never seen.

So, please…when you have a moment…go to my web site, click on “Blog” on the menu. And scroll down a bit to last year.

You may find some things worth while to spend some time reading, pondering, considering, praying and becoming proactive about! 😉

I pray your August of 2015 has been pleasant. I pray that your children are enjoying a new year of school. I pray that you are finding bits and pieces of time to reflect, refocus and refuel.

I pray that you are seeking Daddy – God, more and more. Because, one of the things I know is truth…is that when you seek Him…you will find Him!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

We are still not settled (as far as the location of our RV). Every day things continue to become increasingly challenging. But…We are getting better and better at trusting Daddy – God for nearly everything we need. We recognize this is a blessing, in disguise. 🙂

We have many exciting things He is doing and is revealing! Hallelujah!

So, please pray for continued favor in our finances, emotional and physical health.

Pray, also, that the enemy would be bound against stirring up anxiety, worry and confusion in our hearts and minds…as we are being stretched. 🙂

Thank you, all, from the bottom of our hearts! ❤

Sunflower & Red - Striped Bee, during quality time with Teddy Be

A shot of a beautiful sunflower & unique, red – striped bee, flowing in the wind…overlooking the river, during quality time with Teddy Bear (in the mountains)!


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God's girl. Wife. Mother. Zebra - rare illness warrior.
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