Now What?

Today is day 3 we’ve been living in Golden, CO.

We are learning a lot, as we go along!

Our time vacationing around the Golden Gate Canyon State Park and area was beautiful & so peaceful! ❤

*As exciting as joining a new church has seemed…there is that inevitable process of starting over. But we are not deterred. We will be attending, plugging in & seeking out new, wise & Godly relationships immediately.*

Our initial experience of living in the Golden, Colorado  area is that it is still cold & wet…even in May…in the mountains & in the valley.☔ But natives keep telling us this weather, this late in May is not typical. That it is usually much more sunny & much warmer. So, that is encouraging!

While we are still getting into a groove, and I continue to wait on the Lord for our next step…for my next step…I’m able to access the Internet & blog a little. It’s also nice to catch up on messages & emails from family & friends.❤

My husband & I are going through withdrawals, being away from our family, friends & our church family. Being so involved in church…makes it hard when it’s not as easily accessible anymore & you have to make such a bigger effort to get that again (in this new area where we  are strangers). It can feel extremely lonely.💔

But it is drawing us closer to each other. And forcing us to lay aside the petty issues that the enemy has tried to divide us with for so long.👫❤

I’ll try to post pictures with my blog updates…as well as prayer requests that we would appreciate you praying over (you are welcome to share them with anyone else as well).🙏☝🙌❤

Prayer Requests:
*Favor with local churches as we attempt to create new friendships & support.
*Favor with all potential employers my husband applies to.


– Erin Marie


About Erin Marie

God's girl. Wife. Mother. Zebra - rare illness warrior.
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2 Responses to Now What?

  1. Audra says:

    Are the kids fishing for dinner? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Erin Marie says:

      Not yet! But we might be soon!😉 They were admiring the very swollen river, next to where we were dumping the rv tanks.🌊

      It’s been raining for days. the creeks & rivers & some roads are flooding. Driving w/all these agressive drivers on overpasses in pouring down rain is interesting.😅


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