Update On Our Family.

Our oldest son’s behaviors have gotten increasingly worse. He is gone most days & often doesn’t show up until late at night.

He continues to get into trouble with the neighbors, town residences, local businesses and eventually the police. He is still shop lifting (even after all the family meetings, counseling and bringing him back to those he has wronged to be accountable, apologize, etc). He is still stealing from and trespassing into peoples homes…destruction of public property again & now runs from the police when they look for or chase him.

He was arrested last week & a warrant was finally made (after my husband and I had a number of conversations with them and explained to them how all of our extensive efforts and those of the clinic have not helped him over the last 8 years). 

So he has been in juvenile detention since last Friday (because after this last attempt we made to get the hospital to admit him to a facility for treatment unsuccessfully and knowing he will not sleep through the night or at least stay home…we explained all of this to the authorities and pleaded with them to help us get him help). He’s been caught by the police often over the last couple years. But now that his behaviors are becoming more criminal (there are no words to explain or express how it hurts me to use that word)…and we (the psychiatrists, therapists, pastor, relatives and my husband and I) exhausted our ability to help him and ourselves with him…we had to start asking the police department to stop turning a blind eye (because of his psychiatric issues). Only because we are desperately trying to keep him safe, others safe and stop these behaviors  before he is any older!

Mind you after all we’ve tried to do (I no longer work, radically changing our diets for the better, removing toxins & triggers from our home, seeking counsel as parents for years, etc)…all the treatments we’ve exhausted (psychiatrist & therapist releasing him due to meds & cognitive therapy having virtually no effect)…saying he needs to be in a residential facility for a time.

And now the hospitals are refusing to admit minors based on “behavioral” problems…even when those behavioral problems are directly connected to the psychiatric conditions that have even been diagnosed & documented.

Those very same facilities accepted him for treatment just a couple years ago. “Policies changed” is what I was flippantly told.

And even our local mental health clinic in Chavez county is closing up (been there for many years). 

So our entire family has lost that support for counseling as well.

The last few years have been so difficult for us, as parents. But the last year…has been so…additionally traumatic.

God is teaching us…so much. His goal & true desire us for us to become completely dependent on Him and nothing else. Not even ourselves. :’-) 🙏☝

So, our son had court today (Monday 2/9/15)…after he had to be placed in juvenile detention Friday (because of his warrant from previous week).

My husband (after we both painfully discussed and came to an agreement) impressed upon the attorney and the judge…the desperate need for his placement into a Residential Treatment Facility…or at the very least, a psychiatric hospital.

That he should not be home until this type of intervention and intense treatment can be successfully accomplished. Which is what we believe God’s will is at this time after so much prayer and hundreds of hours of Wise-Godly counsel.

So, praise goes to Daddy-God…they chose to detain David for an additional week…and actually take time…to try & help us!

The staff at the detention center have been understanding & seem to have a genuine motivation to help him. They have placed him in a specific (non violent) group inside the detention center. And have witnessed the other kids in that group “helping him.”

The center has certified teachers come in 3 hours a day and teach the kids…according to their grade level. And they have medical staff that care for the kids as well.

My husband is not employed as of last Friday. God has already given us the green light with much confirmation to us both, on Colorado (after 7 years of waiting). So, we are trying to coordinate a near-future move to CO.

But we are still very much here in NM at the moment and needing all the support anyone is willing to offer.

The public defender’s office will be collecting any documentation, medical/psych history on David possible this week. And they requested us send them any & all documents also (as you can imagine I already had the large stack ready).

They will have an official hearing next Monday (2-16-15). We will know more at that time.

Keep my husband & I in your prayers, especially. Much focus is on our oldest son…which we are very grateful forBut we need it as much…if not more…at times…to continue to be able to do…what it is God wants us to do…in all this for him, for our other 2 children and for ourselves and husband and wife and as our oldest son’s parents.

Please cover the attorney & judge in prayer! We know now, that our attorney is a spirit-filled Christian. God is so good! So we come against the enemy & bind him from attacking the attorney or judge or probation officer in any way…in Jesus’ name!

We need them to see our son does infact have serious mental & physical problems. And everyone (not just us) has exhausted their abilities to help him!

No one has answers but God. Barely anyone in our circles…have ever been called to lead the life we have.

Heavy, intentional…dedicated…spirit-filled prayer over our family is much appreciated!❤🙏

But God is moving! And our refusal to allow CYFD claims/friends & neighbors betrayal & loss…and humiliation…and all the enemy means for evil…our refusal to allow it to destroy our marriage, family or faith…That ‘No matter what’ faith, in Daddy-God…He is honoring!

And now that we are “pressing in” and understanding that more now…and using our “mess” as our “message”

We are confident that God is doing/go to do great things with all this.❤☝

“Because of the sacrifice of the Messiah, his blood poured out on the altar of the Cross, we’re a free people—free of penalties and punishments chalked up by all our misdeeds. And not just barely free, either. Abundantly free! He thought of everything, provided for everything we could possibly need, letting us in on the plans he took such delight in making. He set it all out before us in Christ, a long-range plan in which everything would be brought together and summed up in him, everything in deepest heaven, everything on planet earth.
Ephesians 1:10, 7-9 MSG


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