Giving Is ALWAYS Better…Than Receiving. ♡

I was just in the bathroom…stressed…overwhelmed…and not feeling too hot physically.. washing my face.

My heart became convicted as I was thinking thoughts that although legitimate…were still selfish.

I felt convicted about how I need to continue to work on my struggle of being content in my current circumstances God gives/has given me.

Then I came into the livingroom & checked my phone’s charging status & happened across this video on FB  moments later.

Wow. No words. And the last 2 sentences are SO TRUE. Something I definitely need to work on.

And I like how they also pointed out…that you can be clean & dressed decent & still need. ❤

I pray…Daddy-God’s SHALOM peace…that is beyond your understanding…will saturate your mind/body/soul. ♡

– Erin

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About Erin Marie

God's girl. Wife. Mother. Zebra - rare illness warrior.
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